2018-01-07 16:56:00

Church not going to hinder expert work on "Yekaterinburg remains" - Patriarch Kirill

Moscow, January 7, Interfax - Expert work on the presumed remains of the last Russian emperor's family will be completed on time, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said.

"The expert appraisal will finish when specialists finish it and say: here are the results of all tests. No one is deliberately dragging out this process, but nor anyone is deliberately rushing the scientists who are trying to exhaustively answer the questions that arise all the time," Patriarch Kirill said in a Christmas interview with Rossiya-1 television channel on Sunday.

He disagreed with liberal historians who are still "pouring dirt on Emperor Nicholas II" and exalting Alexander II. From the standpoint of giving opportunities for democratic discussion of problems and participation in policy making, it is the last Russian tsar who should be credited the most, the patriarch said.

The Russian royal family was canonized not because Nicholas II was a good ruler or a wise diplomat or a military strategist, but "he was glorified precisely because he accepted death, not just death but this whole terrible part of his life, as a Christian," Patriarch Kirill said.

"He was under arrest, under insults, harassment. He was yesterday's tsar who lost everything. And what calm diaries, what a calm Christian view on what was happening to him. And that was characteristic not only of him but all members of his family," Patriarch Kirill said, adding that, regardless of political assessments of Tsar Nicholas II, people must have "respect for this life path."

Even in the year of the Revolution's centenary there was nothing on screens about that era, except the Matilda movie which "throws more dirt in the face of the martyr," leading to public indignation, the patriarch said.