2017-12-25 16:31:00

Priestly ordination gives Feodor Konyukhov special power, his wife believes

Moscow, December 25, Interfax - Doctor of juridical science and professor of the Russian State University of Justice Irina Konyukhova believes that after her husband's ordination, his expeditions changed and he obtained special power.

"Other opportunities have opened. He felt in a different way when he was flying around the world in a balloon alone. He took off in Australia, flew around the Earth and landed again in Australia in 11 days and set a new world record. Before it he asked to pray for him. Many Russian churches and monasteries prayed for him together with us. And after the flight FeÓdor said: "you know, Who helped me," Konyukhova said in his interview with Krestovsky Most newspaper.

According to her, it refers not only to his inner feelings, but there was an evident miracle in the end of the flight.

"When he got ready for landing, clouds were getting dark, there were lights. The balloon could be set on fire any moment. It was risky to change the course in strong wind, so he decided to fly straight. Suddenly the clouds divided, he flew between them and then the clouds closed up. When he was getting closer to the place of landing, his gondola made a cross in the sky. Everyone saw it. His friend Australian traveller Dick Smith exclaimed: "what extraordinary things Orthodox people can do!" After this incident Dick also decided to baptize", she said.