2017-12-18 20:39:00

Governors should be evaluated for their affairs, not longevity of their rule, Metropolitan Hilarion believes

Moscow, December 18, Interfax - The Church evaluates governors not for the term of their rule, but for the its results, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk believes.

"From the church point of view, it does not matter how many years a governor rules, but the quality of his rule matters," the metropolitan said on air the Church and the World program on Rossiya-24 (VGTRK) television channel, answering the question about opinion of the Church on long rule of one person, for example, current Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The metropolitan noted that "there were governors in our country who ruled for a long time, and there were those whose rule was not long." "But we never evaluate them for longevity of the term, we praise them for the things they did," he said.

Speaking about the current situation in Russia, Metropolitan Hilarion pointed out to the positive changes that took place in recent decades.

"We remember what country it was in the 1990s, what level of corruption, the level of criminality we had, how much money people earned. And we saw how during 17 years of Vladimir Putin's rule as a president or prime minister, people's welfare has grown stably and steadily. I think it is the secret of so high rating, which he holds for a ling time," the church representative said.

The hierarch told that the BBC had earlier asked him the question about long rule of one person and he answered that Queen Elizabeth had ruled for 60 years then.

"Eventually my interview was on air, but this piece, the question and the answer, was cut off. It also referrers to the freedom of speech in Western European countries," the metropolitan said.