2017-11-30 11:41:00

Tashkent imam proposes death penalty for extremists

Tashkent, November 30, Interfax - The imam khatib of Tashkent's Tinchlik (Peace) Mosque, Shermurad Togai, has proposed sentencing people who support the ideas of the religious party Hizb ut-Tahrir (banned in Uzbekistan) and the Islamic State (banned in Russia) to the death penalty, Uzbek online media outlets said on Thursday.

According to these reports, the imam wrote on his Facebook page that "penalties like those in Islamic countries need to be applied" to supporters of extremists.

"There should be no pity for the enemies of our religion and our people who stand in the way of development. They are used to free-of-charge prison, free-of-charge food, and free-of-charge conditions. They're no good for anyone," Togai said.

The situation in Uzbekistan, where such people continue to spread discord even after the abolishment of the death penalty and the granting of freedom to the people, is not right, he said.

"We see what is happening in the world. They blow up mosques in Egypt, on the Sinai Peninsula. Even U.S. President [Donald] Trump says that it is necessary to sentence the guy who ran over pedestrians to the death penalty. I have expressed such an opinion, thinking about tranquility among the people," Togai was quoted as saying in media reports.

He also said that what he wrote on social networks is his personal opinion, which should not be seen as a fatwa, an Islamic legal assessment.

Uzbekistan abolished the death penalty on January 1, 2008.