2017-11-15 10:00:00

Justice Ministry regrets ECHR rejection of Russian request to review decision on law banning gay propaganda among children

Moscow, November 15, Interfax - Russia's Justice Ministry is disappointed by the European Court of Human Rights' (ECHR) decision to refuse to review its decision on the discriminatory nature of the Russian law prohibiting gay propaganda among minors, which is based, among other things, on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Justice Ministry noted with regret that the objections to the ECHR ruling that gave rise to considerable agitation on a national level were not submitted to the Court's Grand Chamber despite the fact that "the circumstances were directly connected with the fundamental principles of morality and the protection of the rights of minors," the ministry said on its website.

"Moreover, the ECHR noted in its judgment on 'Bayev and others v. Russia' that when adopting relevant regulatory provisions on the ban of the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships among minors, Russian lawmakers were primarily guided by international legal rules, specifically by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child," the ministry said in a statement.

Further actions on relevant cases "will take into account the national interest of the Russian Federation and will be in conformity with the generally accepted principles and rules of international law," the ministry said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the ECHR panel of five judges refused to submit for the Grand Chamber's review the court's decision on the Russian law prohibiting gay propaganda among minors. Thus, the ECHR decision of June 20, 2017 has taken legal effect.

The ECHR found in June 2017 that the Russian law is discriminatory.

The judgment was issued simultaneously with an ECHR ruling on an application from a group of Russian nationals, activists of the gay community, complaining about their freedom of expression being violated by the law. Then, the court ordered the Russian government to pay 49,100 euros to Nikolai Bayev, Alexey Kiselyov, and Nikolay Alexeyev, in compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage and judicial expenses.