2017-11-13 10:01:00

Russia should impose 5-10-year moratorium on Lenin burial topic - Church representative

Moscow, November 13, Interfax - The body of Vladimir Lenin must be buried but at present this could shake the political situation in Russia, according to Alexander Shchipkov, first deputy chairman of the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Media Relations, and an advisor to the State Duma speaker.

"Let's impose a moratorium, five to ten years [on the subject of reburying the leader]. If we don't bury [him], our children will, he has already lain in state for 70 years! But of course, buried he should be," Shchipkov said during a lecture at the Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow.

He agreed that a situation, where an unburied body is lying at the heart of Russia, "is a wrong situation from all points of view - human, Christian and political-technological ones," while noting that "the person, who will finally decide to bury Lenin and do so, will go down in history," Shchipkov said.

However, as the world, not just Ukraine, is tearing down Soviet-era monuments, there should be a temporary moratorium on the campaign against the political symbols, the expert said.

Such a moratorium would provide an possibility to develop and continue the inter-national consensus discovered with Crimea's reunification with Russia in 2014, and "support it rather than shaking and breaking it," Shchipkov said.

"What is more important for us today: searching for this inter-national consensus that would keep us and our children safe from possible next blood[shed], or a timetable for Lenin's burial?" the clergyman asked rhetorically.