2017-11-07 10:11:00

Business ombudsman calls for Lenin to be removed from Mausoleum, for final end to be put to Soviet past

Moscow, November 7, Interfax - The Growth Party supports the idea of burying the body of Vladimir Lenin, which is now in the Mausoleum on the Red Square, Boris Titov, the party's chairman and business ombudsman, told Interfax.

"Burying Lenin will reduce division in society, it will stop the reproduction of the centuries-old war between the 'red' and 'white', it will make it possible to give more energy to creation, to building our country's future," Titov said.

Titov spoke about the importance of symbols to Russia, adding that "some part of us continues to mentally live in the USSR as long as the body of Lenin remains in the center of our capital," he said.

"That, of course, does not have the best reflection on our life. Many of us still hope to return to those times. Soviet behavior patterns keep occurring. It is seen in the accusatory tendencies in justice, 'presumption of guilt' of businessmen, situations of disrespect for the institution of private property and many other things," the business ombudsman said.

Half-measures are not appropriate in this issue, Titov said. "We need to move on! We can't let dead people drag us back to the past," he said.

"One of the options of doing it [burying Ulyanov-Lenin] is in Ulyanovsk, where he was originally from," he said.