2017-11-02 10:01:00

Patriarch Kirill criticizes 'color' revolutions for using quasi-religious rhetoric

Moscow, November 2, Interfax - Revolutions have now become commonplace, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said.

"Revolutions have now become commonplace, so-called color revolutions have become a technological concept meaning a change of power using force and justifying violations of constitutions and the norms of international law," he said at the opening of the 21st World Russian People's Council, whose theme is "Russia in the 21st Century: Historical Experience and Prospects for Development."

Although "a revolution has become a common technique, their ideologues use quasi-religious rhetoric, they try to justify revolutions as a spiritually lofty, morally justified act, and the ideologues of revolutions by the very logic of revolution sacrifice the honor of their people for the sake of achieving an abstract good," he said.

"Behind the pretty revolutionary wording, there are political double standards, a wish to disobey the force of law, a wish to subjugate others using the 'right of the stronger' and meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign states," the patriarch said.

As for Russia, the patriarch said he believes that "our society is now consolidated, there is not the tragic civil division that divided the people in two," he said.