2017-11-01 16:30:00

Church representative speaks against renaming the October Revolution to "Russian" one

Moscow, November 1, Interfax - Ideas to rename the Great October Socialist Revolution in the "Great Russian Revolution" is an ideological trick, which lays the blame from those who organized it on Russian society, first deputy chairman of the Church, Society and Media Relations, advisor to State Duma speaker Alexander Schipkov believes.

"Events of 1917 are called the Great October Revolution, it is a historic self name. (...) This political technology trick with renaming the revolution conveys this grievous fault to Russian society. The Russian people are turned from the victims to those, who are to blame. It is better to use the accepted historic self name," Schipkov said at the session of the 21st World Russian People's Council.

He noted that in 2014-2015 various brain centers thought over the tactics of using the centenary of the revolution "maneuvering information struggle against Russia, and among other things it was suggested to call it "the Russian Revolution" or "the Great Russian Revolution."

"It becomes evident from western publications of those years that it was the task to move an accent, to impose the thought that tragedy and civil split are connected with characteristics of the Russian people," Schipkov said.