2017-10-30 11:54:00

Some 1.5 million Jews live in Russia - Russian Jewish Congress

Moscow, October 30, Interfax - Some 1.5 million Russians have Jewish roots or Jewish relatives, Mikhail Savin, press secretary of the Russian Jewish Congress, told Interfax-Religion.

This information, which is based on a study done by the Russian Jewish Congress, was recently presented in Jerusalem at a meeting between a delegation of the congress and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he said.

"The Russian guests told the prime minister about a steady tendency toward reducing the level of anti-Semitism in Russia and an increase in a positive attitude to Jews, which is sharply different from the current situation in Europe. Anti-Semitism has become a characteristic of marginal elements, which do not have support in most social groups in Russia," Savin said.

Russian Jewish Congress President Yury Kanner said he believes this is due to the policies of the Russian state and new tendencies in society, saying that the bulk of the population today grew up after the period of official anti-Semitism.

"Without this 'brainwashing,' the negative attitude to Jews ended by itself, and even 'anti-Israelism,' which is popular in Western countries, is not gaining popularity. The attitude towards Israel and the people of Israel is mostly respectful and positive, which reflects on the attitude toward Russian Jews," Savin said.

At the end of the meeting, Kanner said he hoped that Netanyahu can visit Moscow in May 2018, when the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel is celebrated.