2017-10-04 10:00:00

Priest is not allowed to Russian pilot Yaroshenko in American prison

Moscow, October 4, Interfax - Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko who serves a 20-year prison sentence in American jail Fort Dix said that recently they did not allow his friends and an Orthodox priest to him.

In his interview with Izvestia paper, he said that he is always subjected to religious and national discrimination.

"Prisoners of other religions enjoy such privileges that an Orthodox believer cannot even dream of. Jews celebrate religious feast, a rabbi visit them, special Kosher food is cooked for them. And I've been striving to buy an Orthodox icon and a cross for six years for Orthodox Easter. And they always reject me in it under various pretexts," the pilot told the edition.

Archpriest Lubo Miloshevich, who was going to visit Yaroshenko in jail, said that its administration explained the refusal with paperwork.

"They told me that my request and special forms that were needed for visiting a prisoner were allegedly lost. I have not received any notification. Now I am trying to repeat the procedure once again. The whole process is very strange and complicated," the priest said.

Yaroshenko was kidnapped in Liberia late in May 2010 and was transported to the USA for claimed criminal conspiracy on contra-banding a large batch of cocaine. He has become the first Russian, who was kidnapped in a territory of the third country by American special services.