2017-09-27 10:29:00

Russia was the first to discover destructive essence of Gulen's sect - Mufti Krganov

Istanbul, September 27, Interfax - Russia took effective measures against FETO terrorist movement headed by Fethullah Gulen earlier than other countries did it and eventually avoided serious problems, mufti Albir Krganov of Moscow and head of the Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia says.

"I remember it very well how Turkish colleges were outraged with first Russian repressions against Gulen's followers in the early 2000s, considering it Islamophoby and anti-Turkish hysteria. However, the history proved that our law enforcement officers were absolutely right when they neutralized this dangerous sect before it inflicted so much harm as in Turkey. Today Turkish Diyanet (Directorate for Religious Affairs) is thankful to us," Krganov said at a conference Islamic solidarity on Turkish-Azerbaijani friendship held in Istanbul.

Renowned expert on Islam, director of the Human Rights Center at the World Russian People's Council said at the conference that Gulen's sect in Russia carried out active recruiting work and in some aspects were even more successful than Jehovah's Witnesses or Scientologists.

"Though Gulen's followers worked mostly in relatively narrow Islamic sector, they managed to open dozens schools and pseudo-cultural centers, recruited a number of serious scientists, spiritual leaders, figures of culture. Even when their basic organization and literature was recognized extremist in Russia, they preserved the net of their agencies in the country, many of its members work on Gulen for the idea, not money. Unfortunately, there are such people even among well-known muftis," he said.