2017-09-25 15:52:00

European Jews concerned about far-right party's Bundestag election results

Moscow, September 25, Interfax - The European Jewish Congress hopes that members of the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfG) will not gain seats in the ruling coalition, president of the congress Viatcheslav Kantor said.

"We believe that centrist parties in the Bundestag will ensure the complete absence of AfG members from the future ruling coalition," the Jewish Congress press service quoted Kantor as saying.

"Certain positions in support of which this party stood during its election campaign reflect a level of intolerance which has not been seen in Germany for several decades and which definitely causes concern to German and European Jews," he said.

The election victory of the Christian-Democratic Union (CDU), led by Angela Merkel, indicates that the German people still adhere to the principles of democracy, Kantor said.

Elections to the Bundestag were held in Germany on Sunday. According to official preliminary results, the CDU/CSU coalition won 33% of the vote and the Social Democratic Party 20.5%.

AfG, a nationalistic party, has become the third largest faction and won mandates for the first time since 1945. As much as 12.6% of the electorate supported it.