2017-09-11 10:33:00

No more need for rallies supporting Myanmar Muslims Kadyrov

Moscow, September 11, Interfax - The international community has paid attention to the tragedy of the Muslim Rohingya people in Myanmar, and there is no more need for rallies in their support, Chechnya head Ramzan Kadyrov said on Instagram.

"There is no need for such rallies right now. If that had been necessary, I would have provided the central square of Grozny as the venue and created the necessary conditions," Kadyrov said.

"I am asking my brothers and sisters, Muslims living across Russia, not to yield to propaganda and not to allow yourselves to be used to somebody's ends. I am telling you that I would be the first to call for rallies if there were such a need. There is none at the moment," he said.

What the Rohingya need is humanitarian support, Kadyrov said.

A rally supporting the Rohingya people took place in Grozny in early September.