2017-09-08 13:48:00

Canada should be asked about reports on plans to take gays from Chechnya - Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow, September 8, Interfax - Russia has no official confirmation from Canadian authorities concerning media reports about a program to accommodate gays from Chechnya.

"I have seen these reports, but I have not seen official statements by Canada on this matter. Have there been any? I mean confirmation of this information," Russian Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova said.

Zakharova told journalists to seek comments on such reports from Canada first of all.

"I think you need to ask Canada. Maybe the Canadian embassy in Moscow or the foreign policy agency of this state will react to these reports in some way, either confirm or deny. One should start with that," Zakharova said.

"In the first place, we should find out if there are official confirmations of these facts from Canada, from the Canadian state authorities, from the official authorities," she said. "I think one should start by asking the Canadian side and then work with this information to prevent fake reports," Zakharova said.