2017-08-25 16:06:00

Modern church vestment is a product of high technologies and can cost about $2,000

Moscow, August 25, Interfax - The Sofrino artistic manufacture tells about peculiarities of making a church vestment.

"We use Japanese and German automatic machines for embroidery. First, a designer creates a depiction using a computer program, it is saved on a disk and then it is installed to the computer of the embroidery machine. And then stitch by stitch it puts a required depiction on material," the manufacture staff member Father Valery (Kuznetsov) told Moskovsky Komsomolets daily on Friday.

Thermo-print is also used here: any drawing can be created in a computer, then it is copied to a sheet of paper, and then this sheet is rolled together with material through hot cylinders. Vestment made in such a way can be washed either in holy water or in a simple washing machine.

However, there are more complicated technologies for more demanding and wealthy priests. For example, embroidery in old traditions called 'kanitel.' An artist takes the thinnest thread and puts smallest details, sequins and beads on it to create a complicated design. It takes an artist half a year of hard work six-eight hours a day to decorate a piece of material 50 to 50 centimeters.

Vestment decorated in kanitel manner costs a fortune. Artists hesitated to tell the exact price on it, but surely it exceeds $2,000.