2017-08-10 10:51:00

Priest from Yevpatoria asks to set up a nudist beach in Crimea

Moscow, August 10, Interfax - Rector of St. Eliyah Church in Yevpatoria Archpriest Georgy Kunitsyn speaks for opening a beach for nudists in Crimea.

"I asked the authorities. The Church is negative about nudism because it is concerned with moral state of society. But if there is such a phenomenon, if there are people who stick to this philosophy, then it is logical to allot them a special place, and then they won't practice it in public places," he told the Crimean edition of Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.

According to the priest, he has recently met a group of nude people in a Yevpatorian beach: "they sunbathed in a public beach and did not feel pangs of conscience." They ignored comments of the priest and he had to call the police. "And it is not for the first time," he said.

Father Georgy understands that there are people who have to sunbathe naked due to medical prescription: "they have to sunbathe without cloths, but there are no places where they can do it."

"In the Soviet times there was a special beach in Yevpatoria, it was called "The Curative," but now it is closed," he told the edition.