2017-07-28 14:10:00

FJCR President welcomes law on the Victory Day adopted by the knesset

Moscow, July 28, Interfax - President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda praised the Israeli parliament for adopting in the first reading the law on celebrating the Victory Day on May 9.

"Adoption of this law is a decisive step in giving the status of law to the practice of celebrating the Victory over fascism that has been existed for a long time in Israel and keeping this holiday in memory as it should not be forgotten for the future generations," Boroda said in his statement spread in Moscow on Friday.

According to the Jewish leader, celebration of this day for Israel is "consistent as a victory over Hitler's regimen, important role in which was played by the Red Army, stopped elimination of Jewish people in years of the Holocaust".

Besides, the FJCR president said that not only many veterans of the Great Patriotic War, for whom May 9 has "great symbolic meaning", live in Israel, but also their descendants who consider this feast a reminder about heroism of their ancestors in struggle against fascism," Boroda noted.

The law on celebrating May 9, suggested by MP Oded Forer from Yisrael Beitenu, was approved in the first reading on July 25 at the Knesset's plenary session. According to it, the day of the Victory over Nazi in World War II will be officially celebrated in Israel on May 9 at the state level, it will be introduced in the registry of national holidays.