2017-07-28 10:31:00

Kadyrov suggests holy sites on Temple Mount be returned under Jordan's control

Moscow, July 28, Interfax - Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov urged the international community to strip Israel of jurisdiction over Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in order to avoid further religious conflicts.

"We welcome the removal of metal detectors, though we are determined in our opinion that they should not have been placed. To avert similar actions in the future, it is necessary to adopt under international control an agreement, which completely rules out any jurisdiction of Israeli authorities over the Islamic shrine. And to return Jordan's real control over it. Otherwise, each time when someone provokes an incident in this region, hot heads dreaming about a new conflict and the raising of the issue of closing the entrance to the mosque will appear," Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram account.

Israeli authorities have consciously taken this step, foreseeing a possible conflict, he said.

"Israeli authorities realized perfectly well that Palestinian Muslims, the Arab world and the countries, which just slightly value peace and stability in the region, will undertake countermeasures. Instead of investigating the crime and punishing those implicated in it, the authorities discharged anger upon the Islamic shrine, detained a mufti and provoked counter steps. At the same time, law enforcement agencies have taken inadequate measures against civilians, which affected hundreds of people, there are certain casualties," Kadyrov said.

"Only a tough reaction by Arab and Muslim world, leaders of dozens of countries, political and religious figures forced Israel to cancel its decision on restrictive measures. Otherwise, the conflict could became unpredictable and could spread on other regions and countries," the Chechen head said.

The Islamic world will never agree on any actions over the Al-Aqsa Mosque that change its status as one of the main Muslim shrines, Kadyrov said.

"Those who under the guise of the fight against terrorism are inflicting arbitrariness should remember about this. The incident is beyond any religious, political, diplomatic and human framework. The Muslims will never agree on this. It is better to live in peace and amity than endlessly provoke wars and conflicts," he said, noting that international human rights organizations are closely following the situation in Chechnya, but do not notice what is happening in the world.

"I also want to draw your attention that the so-called international human rights organizations are inciting uproar at the global scale, if someone stumbles in Chechnya, but when the fire is opened against Muslims, who demand the entry to the mosque be permitted, they are keeping silent, not saying a peep. Is it logical?" Kadyrov also said.