2017-07-26 18:19:00

Israeli ambassador to Russia hopes Moscow to support security measures on Jerusalem's Temple Mount

Moscow, July 26, Interfax - Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren said he expects Moscow will support security measures introduced on the Temple Mount.

"We know that Russia had also suffered from terror attacks, and it fully understands those security measures taken by Israel," Koren said in an interview with Interfax on Wednesday.

He expressed hope that "the Russian leadership will support these measures and exert influence so that radical figures in various parts of the world, including Palestine, cease inflammatory rhetoric."

Earlier in July, Israeli authorities tightened security at the entrance to the complex, installing metal detectors following an attack by representatives of the Muslim community on Israeli policemen guarding the Temple Mount. Two policemen were killed in this attack.

Increased security measures caused protests, which escalated into riots and clashes with police in Jerusalem on several occasions, because representatives of the Arab and Muslim community deemed that in this way the Israeli authorities were trying to restrict access to the Temple Mount.

Despite the fact that Israeli authorities strongly insisted on the need to install metal detectors, because criminals had been able to bring firearms into the complex on July 14 due to the absence of this measure, frames were removed from the entrances and only surveillance cameras remained in place on Tuesday.