2017-07-26 17:07:00

Israel commits to preserve full access to holy places in Jerusalem - ambassador to Russia

Moscow, July 26, Interfax - Door frame metal detectors and video cameras on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem do not block access to the holy places situated there, and Israel will preserve the status quo, Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren said.

"We are not going to upset the so-called historical status quo in any way, but we are also responsible for preventing the replay of such horrendous acts of violence," Koren said in an interview with Interfax.

Israel "commits to preserving the status quo," Koren said, explaining that "the status quo means full access for all who wish it."

Anyone who wishes to visit the mosques on the Temple Mount can do this, and Israel does not obstruct this, Koren reiterated.

"Neither door frame metal detectors, which we had removed as a goodwill gesture, nor video cameras can obstruct this," Koren said. "People who go there with clean hands and clean conscience and full respect for the existing situation, if they have no intention of committing an act of violence, should understand the measures we have undertaken. The same technical measures are taken in a lot of countries around the world, including Russia, whenever there is a situation requiring such inspections. This concerns even cultural events, and I don't even mention holy places," he said.

"Israel has fully respected and will fully respect, first, freedom of access for all to holy places and have full respect for Christian, Muslim, and certainly Jewish shrines in the city of Jerusalem," he said.