2017-07-20 10:05:00

LGBT problem doesn't exist in Chechnya - Russian envoy to OSCE

Moscow, July 20, Interfax - The issue of the problems of the LGBT community in Chechnya does not exist in the form in which the West sees it and is far-fetched, Russian envoy to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich said.

"Our sarcastic hint on these issues [human rights in Ukraine] is absolutely legitimate because this issue, which is clearly far-fetched, [it set in front of Russia] without facts at hand and at the expense of the LGBT problems of the Chechen Republic. Fortunately, this issue is outside the area of responsibility of our organization," Lukashevich told reporters during a televised linkup with Vienna.

"The Chechnya issue is being very acutely raised by the Western community, we are trying to understand what facts you use to make such conclusions and why this criticism cannot gain texture. All our probes and work with the administration of the Chechen Republic showed that the problem does not exist in the way in which the Western community is presenting it to us," he said.