2017-07-14 13:17:00

Genetic engineering has right to existence if it can help treat people, professor-deacon believes

Moscow, July 14, Interfax - Head of the Kolsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the crystallography department at St. Petersburg Institute of Earth Sciences professor Sergey Krivovichev, who also is a deacon at St. Panteleimon Church in St. Petersburg, believes that experiments on human genome should not be prohibited as new knowledge can be used in medicine.

"It seems to me that genetic engineering, or more exactly, therapy has a right to exist, if we speak about using it in medical treatment," he said in his interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets daily on Friday.

At the same time commenting on the experiments on giving birth to children from three parents banned by the ethic-scientific commission of the institute where the research was carried out, the scientist noted that "creating chimeras is not justified, and even dangerous."

"There are sacred limits a human being should not violate," he said referring to the prohibited sphere "everything connected with the mystery of a personality, mystery of a human soul."

"Here a person cannot feel at home as it overcomes his understanding. We do not even know ourselves, how can we create our own kind?" the Orthodox professor wonders.