2017-07-13 13:18:00

Investigative Committee fully rules out religious motive in Nemtsov murder case, only motive is financial gain

Moscow, July 13, Interfax - The religious motive in the killing of opposition activist Boris Nemtsov, which was probed during the investigation, was not confirmed and the perpetrators of the crime were guided by financial gain motives, Russian Investigative Committee official Svetlana Petrenko told Interfax commenting on the sentence handed down by the military court in the Nemtsov murder case.

"The investigators verified the testimonies by accused Zaur Dadayev and Anzor Gubashev saying that they had killed Boris Nemtsov for religious hatred motives as the victim has supported the cartoons of Prophet Mohammad published in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015," Petrenko said.

"However, the evidence collected shows that the members of the organized crime had begun preparations for the commission of the Nemtsov murder back in September 2014, which fully rules out the religious hatred motive for the murder stated by them," she said.

"The evidence collected by the investigators fully confirms the financial gain motive of the people charged in the Nemtsov killing, that is, for at least 15 million rubles that was promised to them," Petrenko said.