2017-07-10 16:57:00

Expert confirm authenticity of 'Yekaterinburg remains' in meeting with patriarch in June - Romanov Family Association

St. Petersburg, July 10, Interfax - Experts have confirmed the authenticity of the 'Yekaterinburg remains' of members of the Romanov family, Ivan Artsishevsky, an official representative of the Romanov Family Association, told Interfax on Monday.

"Progress has been made on this issue. There was a meeting with the Patriarch [Kirill of Moscow and All Russia] in June, where all experts confirmed that the remains are genuine. The church is now silent. It is difficult to explain this silence," Artsishevsky said.

He said he regrets the contacts between representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and Great Princess Maria Vladimirovna of the Romanov family.

"The Madrid Romanov family does not exist, it's an absolutely illegitimate organization. If the Russian Orthodox Church works with an illegitimate organization, it's a problem of the Russian Orthodox Church. The whole world recognizes one Romanov family, and the church decides its own way. But as an Orthodox Christian, I distinguish between the church of Christ and a meeting of bishops," Artsishevsky said.

Interfax does not have the Russian Orthodox Church's comments.

The press service for the St. Petersburg History Museum of the (Peter and Paul Fortress) told Interfax the establishment is not presently preparing for any new burials.

"Nothing is happening now. The grave of Alexander III has been restored, no other actions are planned. But it's not really our issue, everything depends on the Russian Orthodox Church and the city administration here," the source said.

A study on the issue of determining the identity of the 'Yekaterinburg remains" was held in Moscow in mid June. The meeting was chaired by Patriarch Kirill and was attended by Investigative Committee officials, including Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the Investigative Committee, and also members of the special church commission for the 'Yekaterinburg remains.' Investigative Committee officials and experts gave interim reports on the forensic evaluations conducted as part of the criminal case in that meeting.