2017-07-06 15:10:00

Investigative Committee has not registered persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya yet Moskalkova

Moscow, July 6, Interfax - Russian Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova has received an interim response from the Investigative Committee on a probe into the information on the persecution of representatives of the LGBT community in Chechnya, the information has not been confirmed yet.

"I have received such a response. It says that they have not determined facts confirming violence against [such] persons because they have no specific information on these citizens," Moskalkova told reporters on Thursday.

This response is an interim one because the second response and the letter by Novaya Gazeta, which she forwarded to the Investigative Committee, have information on the names of the persons who are presumed dead. The probe conducted by the Investigative Committee's department for the Northern Caucasus Federal District has not been completed, either, she said.