2017-06-25 16:01:00

Russian Muslims provide humanitarian assistance to Syria

Ufa, June 25, Interfax - The Muslim communities of Russia have send their donations as humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria hurt by the fighting, Russia's Supreme Mufti Talgat Tajuddin, who chairs the Central Spiritual Muslim Board of Russia, said.

"This year, the communities of the Central Spiritual Directorate of Russia's Muslims have decided to use their donations especially in the month of Ramadan, to provide humanitarian assistance to the religious centers of traditional religions of our country to Syria's civilians hurt by the horrors of the civil war," Tajuddin said during a holiday sermon given at Uraza Bayram (Eid al-Fitr) in the Lala Tulpan Mosque in Ufa on Sunday.

Tajuddin said he hopes the initiative will be supported by the people of Russia "and maybe in other countries, especially in those that spend billions of dollars to buy weapons."

Tajuddin said the Muslim community is proud of the fact that Russia is providing effective assistance to the people of Syria "in repelling the aggression of international terrorism, in the rebuilding of peace and trust in this long-suffering land."

"Our troops are sacrificing their lives to guarantee ceasefire and they provide humanitarian assistance to the poor and hurt civilians of that country. The role of our Fatherland, Russia, in this blessed cause is only constructive," he said.

Tajuddin said many countries, primarily Muslim, are beginning to understand the need for joint actions and cooperation on counterterrorism.

The mufti also said Muslims are outraged by what is happening in southeastern Ukraine, in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and they commiserate with the civilians on those territories. At the same time, "we are deeply outraged by the rampant lies and double standards of those who are trying to use any pretext to set peoples and states against each other," he said.

"While doing everything to support the state measures to strengthen the unity of the country to effectively repel the treacherous forces of international terrorism, we, Muslims of Russia, together with our Orthodox compatriots and people of the traditional religious of our country will continue making a good contribution to maintaining peace, unity and power of our great country power, Russia, which is kept by God," the supreme mufti said.

Uraza Bayram (Eid al-Fitr) marks the end of the fast, which lasted through the month of Ramadan. According to Islam, Allah gave the Koran to the people in that month.

Before the holiday, Muslims are supposed to fulfill their obligation to the Almightily One in favor of needy people. Spiritual directorates of Muslims establish the amount of alms to men, women and children every year. This year, it is 100 rubles for low-income people, 300 rubles for people with average incomes and from 500 people for wealthy people.

The holiday is marked for three days. In that time, Muslims go to mosques and read the Koran. The celebrations continue at the holiday table, when people visit each other and give each other gifts. It is also a tradition to help the poor so that everyone can take part in the celebration.

On these days, all relatives are expected to come together because it is believes that the souls of he dead come to their relatives' houses at Uraza Bayram. Additionally, every Muslim considers it his duty to visit his ancestors' graves.