2017-06-22 18:06:00

Moscow City Hall denies authorization for gay pride parade, rally in support of ECHR decision on law banning gay propaganda

Moscow, June 22, Interfax - The Moscow authorities have denied authorization to a gay pride parade and a rally in support of the decision made by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which has found the Russian legislation banning gay propaganda among minors to be discriminatory, LGBT activist Nikolay Alexeyev said.

"The Moscow authorities have just banned in the city a gay pride parade and a rally calling for the enforcement of the ECHR verdict issued on Tuesday in a case involving the illegitimacy of the Russian laws banning gay propaganda," Alexeyev said on the social networking site Vkontakte.

The text of the denials published by Alexeyev states that "the true purposes of the rally may be 'camouflaged' and violate the legislation on the protection of the rights of minors.

"The intentions of the organizer to conduct mass events indicate his wish to spread gay culture for the purpose of information and psychological influence on an unlimited number of people, including minors," the document, signed by Vasily Oleinik, deputy head of the Moscow regional security department, said.

"These decisions will be urgently contested in court," Alexeyev said.

A march on Tverskoy Boulevard was expected to be conducted on July 1 and a rally in front of the monument to Griboyedov on Chistoprudny Boulevard was expected to be held on July 2.