2017-05-17 18:41:00

Cathedrals of the Chudov Monastery won't be restored in Kremlin

Moscow, May 17, Interfax - It is not planned to reconstruct cathedrals of the Chudov Monastery in Kremlin, director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Yelena Gagarina said.

"The question is closed. No remakes will be built in the territory of Kremlin," Gagarina said at a press conference on Wednesday answering the question about possibility of building one of the cathedrals of the Chudov Monastery.

In July 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of refusing the ongoing reconstruction of the Kremlin 14th building and restoring historical appearance of the place with possible restoration of two monasteries existing there as cultural objects.

The 14th corpus is an administrative building located between the Spassky Gates and the Senate Palace of the Moscow Kremlin. It is listed among the buildings that form the Ivanovskaya Square. The building was constructed in 1931-1934.

In October 2016, president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that reconstruction of these convents at the site of the dismantled corpus was not in the agenda.