2017-05-17 11:12:00

Putin pledges Russia's support to Islamic world in war on terrorism, settlement of regional crises

Moscow, May 17, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent greetings to participants in the events of the Russia - Islamic World strategic vision group and the 9th Russia - Islamic World international economic summit.

"Let me underline that the Islamic world can count on Russia's full support and assistance. We are ready to boost cooperation with our partners in the war on terrorist forces and the search for ways of a peaceful settlement of regional crises," the president said in a telegram published on the Kremlin website on Wednesday.

"Our joint efforts can do a great deal to bolster international security and stability and to build a just and democratic world order free from any kind of intolerance, discrimination and diktat by force," Putin said.

"Many Islamic countries are facing serious challenges, such as escalation of terrorism and militant extremism and sharp exacerbation of interfaith disagreements and economic and social problems," he said.

"The situation has been especially dramatic in Syria, where a bloody conflict has been on for several years and where vast territories have been seized by criminal groups trampling upon every norm of human morals and actually waging a war on the entire civilized world," Putin said.

The third meeting of the Russia - Islamic World strategic vision group is taking place on May 16-17. Grozny plays host to this event for the first time ever.

Heads of the republics of the North Caucasus Federal District, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, and representatives of almost 30 foreign countries and former Soviet republics are participating in the meeting.