2017-05-17 10:26:00

LGBT organizations' ICC lawsuit attempt to pressure Kadyrov - source close to Chechen govt

Moscow, May 17, Interfax - The lawsuit filed by French LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) associations with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Ramzan Kadyrov was stage-managed and is aimed at putting psychological pressure on him.

Media reported earlier that three French LGBT associations filed an ICC lawsuit against Kadyrov over the alleged persecutions of gay people in the Chechen Republic,

"We do not consider it necessary to either comment on or react to this report," a source close to the Chechen government told Interfax.

Behind "all these lawsuits, one can see stage-managed actions paid for by forces seeking to discredit the Russian Federation," the source said.

"The latest media attacks are aimed at a man who is not just the leader of a region but a politician with an active position on the most pressing and vital issues, the neglect of which may threaten peace and stability in a whole host of regions," the source said.

"These forces are seeking to exert psychological pressure on Ramzan Kadyrov and to unsaddle him. These attempts are pointless, nothing will come out of this," the source said.

There is no gay problem in the Chechen republic: it has simply been made up, the source said.

On May 13 Chechen Interior Minister Ruslan Alkhanov told Interfax that Chechen law enforcement had not received any complaints about gay people being persecuted or killed in Chechnya.