2017-05-17 10:24:00

Moscow court orders expulsion from Russia of rabbi with no work permit

Moscow, May 17, Interfax - Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Khersonsky of the Maryina Roscha Jewish Community in Moscow has been expelled from Russia for illegal work in Russia, Olga Myshelova, a spokeswoman for Khamovnichesky District Court in Moscow, told Interfax.

"The court imposed on Khersonsky, Yosef Yitzhak, an administrative penalty in the form of a 5,000 ruble fine with administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation in the form of compulsory expulsion from the Russian Federation by way of a controlled, unescorted departure," Myshelova said.

Khersonsky was found guilty of having worked in Moscow without a work permit, the spokeswoman said.

The man has denied his guilt, she said.

"Khersonsky told the court that he has worked as an advisor for the 'Religious Organization of Orthodox Judaism - Moscow Maryina Roscha Jewish Community' since February 5, 2009. His duties include advising on religious matters," Myshelova said.

He was also registered as head of the winding-up committee of the Sredi Svoikh educational center, which has not operated since its registration up to the present, Myshelova said.