2017-05-16 16:21:00

Schismatics disrupted the divine service in a canonical church and broke up the altar entry in Western Ukraine

Moscow, May 16, Interfax - Several dozens followers of the self-proclaimed Kiev Patriarchate rushed in a church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church during the divine service and broke up the doors leading to the altar.

About 20 "priests of the self-proclaimed Kiev Patriarchate" ran into Sts Peter and Paul Church in the village of Kinakhovtsy in the Ternopol Region in the evening on Monday, the UOC Information and Education Department reports.

It is further said that schismatics rushed to the altar, broke the central gates and came into the altar where they started conducting their "service." Rector of the church priest Vitaly Gureva tried to stop the seizure, but they pushed him from the stairs outside.

The UOC notes that it was not the first attempt of schismatics to seize Sts Peter and Paul Church in Kinakhovtsy. On the eve followers of "the Kiev Patriarchate" demanded the keys from the church sacristan as they wanted to conduct their "prayer service" there, but he did not give the keys to them.

As was reported, early in March parishioners of Kinakhovtsy fought for their right to pray in their own church under jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate's UOC. Activists of the Pravy Sektor radical organization (banned in Russia) tried to oppose them.