2017-05-16 11:49:00

State Duma to set up council on culture, religion, interethnic relations

Moscow, May 16, Interfax - A council on culture, religion and interethnic relations will be established within the Russian State Duma under Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin's patronage, the Izvestia newspaper said on Tuesday, citing a source close to the Duma's secretariat.

"The council is expected to address 'the moral climate in society', 'patriotic upbringing' and prevention of extremism in the sphere of culture," it said.

Alexander Shchipkov, pro bono advisor to the Duma chairman and a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, confirmed to the newspaper that such a council would be set up.

"Its composition and structure will be determined at a session to be held in the lower chamber this week," Izvestia said.