2017-05-11 16:26:00

Russian Orthodox Church studying Sokolovsky's sentence

Moscow, May 11, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church has not yet officially commented on the sentence a Yekaterinburg court gave to blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky on Thursday.

"We don't comment on a sentence before it takes legal effect," a source at the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Media Relations told Interfax-Religion on Thursday.

However, the Church is studying the sentence given to Sokolovsky, the source added.

Earlier in the day, the Verkh-Isetsky District Court of Yekaterinburg convicted blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky and gave him a suspended sentence of three years and six months in prison for playing the Pokemon Go game at a Yekaterinburg church.

The court found that Sokolovsky's correction is possible without giving him a real jail time.

The court found Sokolovsky guilty of nine counts of incitement of hatred or enmity and abasement of dignity of a person on the basis of attitude to religion, and of seven counts of public actions expressly disrespectful to society and committed with a view to insult religious feelings of believers.

The court also found Sokolovsky guilty of unpermitted acquisition of a special technical device, i.e. a pen with a built-in video camera, which was found during the search in his apartment.

The court found no aggravating circumstances in the case and took into consideration, as a mitigating circumstance, the fact that Sokolovsky helped his mother and that he had offered his apologies to those affected by his actions.