2006-05-01 12:03:00

Picket disrupts gay party at Moscow nightclub

Moscow, May 1, Interfax - More than 150 young people shouting nationalistic slogans staged an unauthorized picket outside Moscow's La Guardia nightclub on April 30, disrupting a planned gay party there.

"Representatives of sexual minorities were to gather at the club for a party. But at around 9:30 p.m. over 150 young people and elderly women holding icons blocked the entrance. Some of the young people were shouting nationalistic slogans and ordered representatives of sexual minorities to sit down on the floor," a law enforcement source told Interfax.

Police had to form a human chain to separate the protesters from people inside the club. The party did not take place because most of its guests could not enter the club.

Some of the young people started to throw tomatoes and plastic bottles when the guests began leaving the club.

The protesters, who included a member of the so-called Russian Public Union, threatened to stage more such actions.

Officials of Moscow's central police department have declined to comment.