2017-04-20 16:10:00

Duma members propose bill to regulate burial of Lenin's body

Moscow, April 20, Interfax - Draft legislation submitted to the Russian State Duma on Thursday proposes a legal mechanism regulating the burial of Vladimir Lenin's remains, State Duma member Vladimir Sysoyev (the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia), one of the bill's sponsors, told Interfax.

"We propose making relevant amendments to the existing law on burials and funeral business," Sysoyev told on Thursday.

"Our draft legislation contains a legal mechanism for reburial of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's remains. The rules, the timeline, and the burial place must be specified by the government, subject to a decision by an interdepartmental commission," he explained.

The bill was brought before the State Duma on Thursday afternoon, Sysoyev said.

However, no such bill has been registered in the State Duma database at this point, an Interfax correspondent said.