2017-04-20 13:18:00

Ukrainian army has sent about 500 Wahhabis to Mariupol, DNR says

*** ISIL terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq were treated in Ukraine

Moscow, April 20, Interfax - The Ukrainian Armed Forces organized Islamic battalion in the district of Mariupol, official representative of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic army Eduard Basurin said.

"According to our information, about 500 Wahhabis are staying there. Most of them are from Chechen gangs that had fought under Dudayev. There are people from Middle Asia, from the Middle East and Crimean Tatars," he said in his interview with the Izvestia paper on Thursday.

Basurin found it difficult to say if this battalion belongs to the terrorist organization Islamic State (banned in Russia) "because if it is national guard and they joined the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior, then it is official division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

"In 2015 Ukraine adopted the law that allows any foreign citizen to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces. As an option, it is a kind of test for people who will be directed to Syria afterwards. We cannot say that training of these soldiers was ordered by the third party. But it is known that terrorists from Syria and Iraq came for treatment to Ukraine," he said.

According to DNR official, bombs from the Middle East, especially from Lebanon, were used for shelling the territory of the republic.

"No secret that Ukraine sold weapons to ISIL, they are trying to eliminate evidence by blowing up weapons storage in Balakleya," Basurin said.