2017-04-18 14:50:00

No missing person reports filed with Chechen police Moskalkova

Moscow, April 18, Interfax - Law enforcement agencies have not received reports on abductions in Chechnya, Russian Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova said.

"I have received replies to my inquiries from the Prosecutor General's Office, the Russian Investigative Committee, the Interior Ministry and the republic's prosecution service. They said that no missing person reports had been filed with them," Moskalkova told reporters on Tuesday.

She said she had asked Novaya Gazeta for names of the missing persons, because a lack of such information was complicating further verification process.

Novaya Gazeta had reported earlier that about 100 suspected gay men had been detained in Chechnya and at least three had been killed.

Alvi Karimov, a spokesman for the Chechen leader, denied the reports, saying that "you cannot detain and oppress those who simply do not exist in the republic."

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin did not have credible information indicating that gay men in Chechnya were being harassed.

The Chechen Presidential Human Rights Council said it had analyzed the allegations about harassment of LGBT community members in Chechnya and "did not find even indirect proof."