2017-04-03 13:46:00

Info on alleged persecution of sexual minorities in Chechnya should be investigated by law enforcement agencies Peskov

Moscow, April 3, Interfax - The Kremlin has no credible information on the alleged persecution of homosexual men in Chechnya, Russian presidential press officer Dmitry Peskov said.

"We don't know to what extent this information is true. No doubt, there are reports and the interior affairs bodies will verify them," Peskov told reporters on Monday.

"I am not a big expert in the sphere of non-traditional orientation and I cannot give a qualified answer to your question," Peskov said.

Peskov also said he has no information on whether criminal proceedings have been opened on the basis of the media reports on the persecution of homosexual men.

"We do not have such information and it is not a prerogative of the Kremlin. If any actions have been taken by the law enforcement agencies, which, in the opinion of some citizens, were taken with some irregularities, these citizens can use their rights, file relevant complaints, and go to court. Of course, in that case, if citizens have any complaints, they will turn to the relevant agencies," Peskov said.