2017-03-17 18:34:00

Couple in Cherkessk decides what to do with embryos in court

Moscow, March 17, Interfax - Divorced husband and wife are trying to make a decision about the future of embryos in Cherkessk.

The couple made an in vitro fertilization a year ago, but it did not result in a pregnancy. Though six embryos were created, the Pervy Canal reports.

After the divorce, a man demands to destroy all embryos, while his wife wants to keep them.

According to the observers, hearings in the Cherkessk city court will be long and go through all levels of appeal.

Independent attorneys expressed an opinion that the man can be forced to pay alimonies.

"Considering that the babies' father is known, obligations on maintaining the newborn can be laid on him. This is the law," head of the Moscow branch of the Medical Law Center Andrey Karpenko says.

The court banned to utilize the embryos, they are arrested until the final decision on the case is taken.

Foreign practice knows many similar cases, the channel notes. There was a loud process in the European Court on Human Rights. Natalie Evans, a British citizen who was diagnosed cancer, made an in vitro fertilization. The couple split up and the man demanded to destroy the embryos and the court supported his decision. This case is listed among materials at the Cherkessk court.