2017-03-17 17:04:00

The Moscow Patriarchate believes Lenin's burial is untimely

Moscow, March 17, Interfax - Representative of the Moscow Patriarchate calls extremely untimely the idea to bury Lenin's body and urges to introduce a moratorium on a war against political symbols in Russia.

"We understand that his presence on Red Square has nothing to do with Christian traditions. But we can raise a question about reburial only when a campaign on decommunization and desovietization is stopped in the post-Soviet territory. And afterwards, when we pose this question, we should base only on religious, not political grounds," first deputy chairman of the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Media relations, PhD Alexander Shchipkov writes in his article posted in Russian by Interfax-Religion.

Earlier, the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia on occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the revolution urged to liberate cities and towns from monuments to Lenin and to rid the center of Moscow of his body. According to the ROCOR, liberation of Red Square of "the remains of the main persecutor and executioner of the 20th century and the destruction of monuments to him" will become a symbol of "reconciliation of Russian people with the Lord."

The Moscow Patriarchate does not share such an opinion. "We see that our close neighbors use the theme of decommunization for the sake of derussification. Should we bring grist to this ideological mill? Certainly, no," Shchipkov writes.

He believes it is necessary to accept "a temporal moratorium on any war against political symbols in Russia, no matter what origin they have."

"It certainly does not mean that we should not return original Russian names to streets and cities. It should be done, but only out of historical, not political grounds. We should not get involved in political campaigns connected with political symbols. It is extremely destructive affair," the church official said.

For the same reason he believes it untimely to raise a question on reburial of Lenin's body "on clearly political motives."

According to the synodal department official, it is necessary to understand that both sides are responsible for fratricidal civil war, as a part of Russian people supported each of the sides.

"Our task is to overcome the schism, to unite people. We will not be able to achieve this aim recognizing that only one side of the civil war was right. It is possible to finish this war in people's hearts and minds only when we stop searching for the winners and will understand that the both sides historically lost the battle," Shchipkov stressed.