2017-03-17 10:11:00

FJCR head criticizes ultra-Orthodox Jews who do not work and do not serve in the army

Moscow, March 17, Interfax - President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda criticizes ultra-Orthodox Jews of Israel.

"I don't support that ultra-Orthodox society doesn't serve in the army, doesn't work, doesn't pay taxes. It is bad. We can't use goods of the society and bring nothing to it," Boroda said on air the program The Life Rules on Rossiya-K TV channel (VGTRK).

According to him, secular and ultra-Orthodox societies are "two different worlds, which do not understand each other."

The FJCR head said that ultra-Orthodox believed Israel was a secular state based on wrong principles and they did not accept this system.

He also condemned the "unhealthy aggression" of residents of ultra-Orthodox regions against those who did not observe their customs and traditions.

He confessed that he was an ultra-Orthodox person himself and pointed out to the example of Lubavitch movement: when a secular man comes to their home in Shabbat, they "do not exile him, and do not throw stones onto him, but welcome him and want him to join their religion."