2017-03-13 11:07:00

ROCOR urges to rid Red Square of Lenin's remains and destroy monuments to him

New York, March 13, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia on occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the revolution urges to liberate cities and towns from monuments to Lenin and to rid the center of Moscow of his body.

"A symbol of reconciliation of the Russian nation with the Lord would be to rid Red Square of the remains of the main persecutor and executioner of the 20th century, and the destruction of monuments to him. They are all symbols of catastrophe, tragedy, and of the destruction of our God-given Sovereignty. The same applies to the cities, oblasts and streets which are deprived of their original historic names," the ROCOR Synod of Bishops was quoted by its press service as saying in their epistle.

The bishops noted that the only thing that hindered Russia's unstoppable growth was "a revolution organized and supported by the Western nations."

It is important to note that the constant denigration of Russia on the part of “Western civilization” we see today existed a hundred years ago and, in fact, much earlier. The world despised the Russian Empire, the heir to Holy Orthodox Rus. Neither adherence to the duty to Russia’s allies, nor the unceasing readiness for cooperation by the Russian Tsars could change that. The renowned British statesman, Lord Palmerston, succinctly stated: "How difficult life is in the world when no one is at war with Russia," the document reads.

Its authors said that of the reasons for revolution in Russia were "the apostasy and neglect of faith in Christ, and the rejection of the Divinely-ordained government."

They pointed out that "the educated classes in Russia, raised in so-called “Westernizing” traditions, pushed Russia with almost suicidal relentlessness into the abyss, pushing the Russian people in every way possible to reject their faith, their Tsar and their Fatherland."