2017-03-09 10:44:00

According to Muslim prophecy ISIL terrorists should be ruined by inner contradictions - Tatarstan mufti

Geneva, March 9, Interfax - Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin told that Prophet Muhammad predicted appearance of a pseudo-Muslim state and its fall caused by inner disputes.

Speaking at a conference in Geneva in frames of the 34th regular session of UN Human Rights Council, Samigullin cited an ancient Hadith, which he believes to be "one of the most reliable."

According to the mufti, Prophet Muhammad predicted that there would be a group of young people "young in years and silly in brains" who would read Quran, but it would not go "further that their throat."

They would shoot out of our religion like an arrow, which means that they will not belong to our religion," the mufti interpreted the Hadith.

He further said that other Hadith told that once people under black flags would pretend to set up a state. "Who pretended for I won't say an Islamic state, but for a pseudo-Islamic state?" Samigullin asked a rhetoric question referring to ISIL (banned in Russia).

"They won't keep their promises, will wear long hair loose as women which has never been practiced in the Muslim tradition," the mufti further interpreted the Hadith.

"But there will be time when they will rise up against each other," he said quoting the Quran and expressing hope that this time will come soon.