2017-03-09 10:33:00

The Russian priest urges to sterilize homeless pets

Moscow, March 9, Interfax - Founder of Russia's first church hostel for pets Archpriest Pyotr Dynnikov urged to sterilize homeless pets.

"Sterilized animal does not join the packs and becomes not aggressive," he said at a round table dedicated to cooperation of the Russian Orthodox Church and animal protection and ecological organizations in Moscow.

When Father Pyotr first received a suggestion to sterilize animals in his hostel, he was horrified, but then he understood that it is "the only way out in conditions of urbanization."

"Urbanization deprived animals of nature, God surely created them not for living in cities and towns," so when pets are thrown out to the streets they do not find themselves in natural conditions and are "destined to death and sufferings."

"They say: "release the kittens, let them catch mice in basements," but there they suffer from infections, fleas, rats, they rot alive," said Father Pyotr, who holds a hospice for pets at St. Elijah Church in the Moscow Region village of Lemeshovo.