2017-01-26 14:35:00

Russia seen as guarantor of traditional family values, all possible should be done to protect them - State Duma speaker

Moscow, January 26, Interfax - Russia is seen today as a guarantor of support for traditional family and family values, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said.

"Maintaining the high status of family as a social institution and a fundamental pillar of our people is very important to us. And we see that today many people look at our country as a guarantor of support of traditional family and core family values," Volodin said at the opening of the Christmas Parliamentary Readings in the State Duma.

Phenomena such as rejection of unalterable moral principles, disregard of cultural and ethnic traditions and rejection of family values are certainly dangerous and unacceptable, he said.

"We see today that an attempt is being made to dilute core moral guidelines, ethical foundations. We are categorically opposed to this," he said.

It is important for social institutions, the state and traditional religions to do everything possible "to protect our values," he said.

The historical fate of Russia and its peoples, the preservation of our culture and self-awareness depends on loyalty to spiritual values and traditions, he said.

A large number of legislative and legal decisions have been adopted in recent years aimed at preserving and developing Russian family and its traditions, Volodin said.

"I cannot fail to note that civil society institutions and public movements have recently been playing an ever-growing role in the protection of family and traditional values. This indicates that the number of involved and active citizens is growing in our country," the State Duma speaker said.