2017-01-24 15:33:00

Russian Emergency Ministry will provide fire-fighting equipment to Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, January 24, Interfax - The Russian Emergency Ministry will provide additional fire-fighting equipment to monasteries, representations and pilgrimage houses of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, head of the ministry Vladimir Puchkov said on Tuesday at his meeting with mission head Archimandrite Alexander (Yelisov).

"I will give a corresponding order, and in the nearest future special ministerial group will come to Israel to make fire safety expertise of buildings and constructions of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission and if necessary equip them with additional fire-fighting instruments, especially extinguishers," he said.

The archimandrite was grateful for this unexpected decision. "It is a good undertaking, as there is a possibility of fires in neighboring buildings, not belonging to the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission. Thus, we will increase the level of fire safety, and we can be protected from the fire," he said.

The priest reminded that last autumn there were strongest natural fires in Israel and only by lucky chance they did not inflict harm to buildings of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission.