2017-01-20 11:53:00

Salekhard administration bans gay pride parade on Polar Circle

Salekhard, January 20, Interfax - The administration of Salekhard, a city situated on the Polar Circle, has imposed a ban on a gay pride parade notice filed by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community activists, an administration spokesman told Interfax.

"There have been notices saying that rallies will be held on January 29 and 31 and a march will take place on January 30. A 300-person turnout was expected. The application was turned down," he said.

The administration explained its decision with the law protecting children from information harmful for their health and development, he said.

This is the first LGBT request for public events filed with the Salekhard administration, the spokesman said.

Moscow LGBT activist Nikolay Alexeyev, who lodged the request, said on social networks that the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, a part of which Salekhard is, became the 65 out of 85 Russian constituent territories where applications for holding gay pride parades and other LGBT rights actions were filed.

He also said that the ban on a gay pride parade and LGBT rallies in Salekhard had been challenged at the Salekhard City Court.