2016-10-19 18:00:00

Russian shortie about Holocaust included in Oscar long list

Moscow, October 19, Interfax - Film about Holocaust Brutus supported by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia is included in the long list of nominates for Oscar, the FJCR press service reports on Wednesday.

"We pleased to learn that the committee of the major world's cinema award prefers films touching the theme of World War II and the Holocaust tragedy. It will certainly help focus on the actual problem of ethnic and religious intolerance and its terrific consequences," the press service quotes FJCR president Alexander Boroda as saying.

Brutus filmed on the story of Czech writer Ludwig Ashkenazi is the second part of the cinema almanac The Witnesses that includes three novels representing unusual view on Holocaust. Violent human world is shown through the eyes of the dog named Brutus.

The first novel of the cinema almanac The Shoes was presented in 2012, it won prizes of several movie festivals and also participated in fight for Oscar.

The third novel The Violin is filmed in Byelorussia, it tells about destiny of the musical instrument, which goes through the horrors of the war and ends its way at the Wall of Tears in Jerusalem.